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A few ways we can help you harness the unlimited potential of well-defined light:

Laser Plastic Welding

As leaders in the field of plastic welding, we leverage our technology to offer unmatched control, seamless integration, and proven reliability to produce consistent and superior bond strength.

Industrial Laser Systems

Looking for a high efficiency, durable laser option with precise beam shaping? Our industrial diode and fiber lasers are compact, customizable, and offer advanced control options for a variety of industrial uses.

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

The right choice for precision and adaptability. Our Femtosecond Fiber Laser options include compact designs, ultrafast pulse generation, and customizable parameters to best fit your needs.


Optical Engines’ has been a provider of our laser sources for our welding systems for many years and they build a durable, high-performance system. They have helped us to succeed by providing excellent response time and customer service.”

Nick Fletcher –
Director of Technology +Innovation, Extol Inc.

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