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Experience the unending potential
of well-defined light.

As industry leaders, we partner with our clients to help them discover what’s possible through the latest in laser & photonics technology.

Industrial Laser Systems

Built-to-scale and customized, featuring water- and air-cooled systems in 1 and 2−micron wavelengths with direct diode and fiber laser options. 

Defense & Aerospace Applications

Made in the USA directed energy systems, ready for deployment with 2.5kW single-channel architecture in the ultra-low SWAP LaserBlade design.

Pulsed Fiber Lasers

As an industry leader we offer the highest power, fully monolithic pulsed systems with unmatched efficiency and performance. 

Focused on solutions and driven towards partners.

We don’t just work with you.

We partner together and offer you access to decades of unmatched experience.

In 2005, Optical Engines was founded on a clear vision: to become the destination for ambitious engineers with the brightest minds in the industry to see how far they could push fiber and photonic technologies. Since then, we have continued to grow and work tirelessly to demonstrate not only what we can do for our customers, but what we can accomplish together as partners.



We are constantly expanding our offerings — discovering and refining new laser applications across a wide range of industries.

Years of Experience


Our team is built around experienced and enthusiastic members who bring specialized insights and skills to every challenge.

We are a truly solution-focused company in an industry with no limit on the potential, reach, or impact. That provides us with the unique opportunity to both set standards and then surpass them, all while identifying and eliminating barriers well in advance. Most of all, it allows us to connect with customers who are as passionate as we have been since the beginning. 

A strong business built on clear values.

Excellence above all

Our customers look to us not only to solve their problems, but also to ensure their needs will be handled with efficiency and quality.

Strength over size

Our team was hand-picked and refined, filled with industry and field experts, so that each decision or recommendation is backed by over 100 collective years of first-hand experience.


We strive to be experts across a variety of markets and continually seek to expand product applications and processes. This allows us to proactively solve our customers’ toughest challenges. 


We wear our hearts on our sleeves, enthusiastic about the tech that drives our industry and its great potential. This passion fuels the support, commitment, and quality we offer our partners. 


What Our Clients Say

“Optical Engines has been a provider of our laser sources for our welding systems for many years and they build a durable, high-performance system. They have helped us to succeed by providing excellent response time and customer service.”

Nick Flesher

Director of Technology & Innovation, Extol Inc.

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