Optical Engines Products

Remarkable products for transformative solutions.

Innovative tech for easy implementation

We are proud to offer a wide variety of industry-defining standard or custom products, each expertly designed around our innovative tech for easy implementation. 


OEI’s efficient, air-cooled 2 um lasers featuring up to 250W power output, housed in a compact, turn-key, 4RU enclosure — ready to go out of the box.


A simplified solution for selective laser melting (SLM), designed for high efficiency operation and low operating costs and ideal for high resolution, fine-feature printing — each unit is built-to-order.


The latest water-cooled, fiber laser from OEI, with a power output of ±1.5% and designed to reduce costs while maintaining performance and efficiency.


Offering 600W of power in a single fiber or multiple, individually addressable fibers, and designed for high efficiency operation and low operation costs — no chiller or external power supply needed.


Our 2.5kW single-channel system is ready for directed energy and defense applications. Tailor-made for beam combining and ready for deployment.


A monolithic fiber amplifier with the highest efficiency and lowest B integral available, allowing for higher energy levels with better spectral purity, designed with durability for 24/7 industrial use.

Custom Products

We specialize in custom systems to fit your exact needs. Whether it’s a multi-stage amplifier pump unit, a unique fiber device implementing exotic gain fiber, or industrial systems with customized outputs and wavelengths, we can make it a reality.

For additional information and specs, or to set-up a time to connect with one of our team members reach out today.