Optical Engines Applications

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What project do you have in mind? Can you picture it clearly? Do you know exactly what you want to achieve?

Whether your answer is yes, no, or maybe — Optical Engines can help. Elevating systems, repairing issues, and taking customers beyond what they imagined was possible drives us and everything we do. We are experts in our field and work hard to remain industry leaders in a broad array of laser applications, including plastic welding, semiconductor chip soldering, and laser communication arrays.

We have solutions for a range of industries and applications.

Aerospace + Defense

Our Made in the USA (MUSA) technology has been designed exactly for the extreme environments faced by space systems and deployed  applications. We offer rugged fiber devices  qualified for space operation, alongside high-energy lasers (HEL) with easy integration to beam control systems (BCS) for directed energy and counter-swarm (CUAS) projects.


  • 2.5kW single-channel architecture with available narrow linewidth for spectral or coherent beam combining (SBC/CBC)
  • Standard wavelength range 1040 – 1090nm
  • Ultra-low SWAP designs for easy deployment
  • Space and launch environmental testing on advanced fiber devices and components
  • High-efficiency optical and electrical designs

Metal & Electronics Processing

We provide off-the-shelf solutions that are end-user or integration-ready for a variety of applications including: Laser Plastic Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Micromachining, Laser Dicing and Laser Structuring. Each laser system is coupled with our PowerLock feature which monitors and adjusts laser power to create a stable output regardless of ambient conditions.


  • Air-cooled direct diode lasers in both 1- and 2-micron wavelengths
  • Air- and water-cooled fiber lasers
  • Ultrafast: nano, pico, and femtosecond laser systems
  • Multi-KW industrial laser systems in 800-2000nm wavelengths
  • Modular collimation optic assembly for integration of a pyrometer or industrial camera


The employment of lasers in biomedical areas is increasing at an unparalleled speed, with new innovations enabling the substitution of traditional methods with more effective, quicker outcomes that are safer and more precisely tailored to the application. By utilizing our adjustable lasers, we can engineer a solution that maximizes the wavelength, power level, and pulse profile to suit the procedural or process prerequisites. Apart from the technological benefits we provide, we are also proficient in meeting the certification standards demanded by medical applications to seamlessly transition from prototype to production models.


  • Air-cooled lasers with wide range of wavelengths and beam profiles
  • Stable power and wavelength output
  • Simple collimators to complex optical delivery system
  • Safety certifications up to performance level ‘e’ (PLe)
  • Currently used in products deployed to:
    >    Ophthalmic
    >    Aesthetic
    >    Biologic Sample Processing
    >    Surgical
    >    Microscopy