Laser system applications are nearly endless, and Optical Engines has sources for nearly every one.

Whether you’re trying to break new technological ground or find a drop-in replacement for a 10-year-old laser system, Optical Engines is up to the challenge.  Plastic welding, semiconductor chip soldering, and laser communication arrays are just a few of the applications we’ve seen.  Below is a partial list of applications the Optical Engines team has first-hand experience with:

Aerospace & Defense

Communications | Airborne Defense | Laser Arrays


Metal & Electronics Processing

Material Heating | Welding/Cutting | Additive Manufacturing



Heating | Microscopy | Cleaning | Illumination

A Few Applications..

Deep Space Optical Communications
Laser Welding
Plastic Welding
Laser Tweezers
Lazer Altimetry
Surface Analysis on Space Station Mir
Directed Energy
Antenna Remoting
Ultra High Intensity Lasers
Laser Micro Machining
Underwater Communications
Semiconductor Mask Generation
Space Based Laser Applications
Forest Logging Applications
Target Designators

Ladar, Lidar
Ultrafast Systems
Contact Surgery
Cataract Surgery (Ultrafast)
Mid-IR Fiber Lasers
Telecom Long Haul
Particle Physic
Wakefield Generation
Photo Activated Cancer Treatment
Undersea Laser Radar
Film Writing (Pixar)
Red Hot Steel Dimension Measurements
Nuclear Material Security
Laser Protection, Laser TV
Holography, Digital Holography
Lots and Lots of Testing Applications