From fiber components up to full optical transmitter systems, Optical Engines has the product that meets your laser needs.

Direct diode solutions, fiber devices, and precisely aligned high-power arrays are just some of the products we offer.  If you need a custom-designed product, contact us today to start the conversation.

Fiber Components

Custom Mode Field Adapters

High-Power Co-/Counter-Pumped Combiners – 99%+ Pump Efficiency

Active Fiber Harnesses – Monolithic designs with exotic fiber structures (PCF, 3C, PBG, Hollow core, Rods, Tapers)

Pump Sources

Industry leading, high-brightness output

All major wavelengths including 793nm, 915nm, 980nm, and others

Most configurations with 98% or greater optical efficiency

Direct Diode & Industrial Systems

Air-cooled and water-cooled systems

Wavelengths from 450nm – 2um

QBH, SMA, D80, LLK terminations available

Proprietary detachable fiber system available up to 1kW

SwarmStriker system for drone defense


Configurations available up to 3-4kW

Single/Quasi-single mode operation

Multiple stages, exotic fiber possibilities

Compatible with ultrafast systems

Our Approach

No two systems are the same, and Optical Engines’ product line reflects that.  Our platforms are built to be flexible so that the solution we provide is perfectly tailored to your system.  Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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